All our staff has undergone Infection Control Training for COVID-19, making us a safe space for NDIS participants.


Our Vision

At ANDP (Australian Nursing and Disability Provider), our vision is to make sure every person with a disability feels super supported and cared for. We want to be the friendly face that makes life a bit easier and more awesome for you or your loved one. Read more

What we do

We're all about making life better! If you or someone you know needs a caring hand, we've got your back. ANDP is not just a care provider; we're your friend, here to help with daily tasks, provide companionship, and support independence. Plus, we're officially registered to bring extra love and care through the NDIS. Read more

Why choose ANDP?

ANDP: Your Pathway to Empowering NDIS Support!
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NDIS Experts

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Friendly and Caring Team

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Comprehensive Services for Every Need

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Professional medical examination

Our Services

Nursing at Home

Our awesome nurses can come to your place and take care of things, so you can chill in your own space. Read more

Allied Health

We're all about holistic care. Our team of healthcare pros is here for your overall well-being. Read more

Personal Care

We know everyone is different. That's why we make sure our care plans fit you perfectly. Read more

Registered Nurses

Our superhero nurses are ready to bring their expertise to your doorstep. Read more

Enrolled Nurses

Friendly and skilled, our ENs are here to make sure you're in good hands. Read more

Household Help

Need a hand around the house? Our team is ready to keep things tidy and organised. Read more

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Holistic Allied Health Services

Your well-being is our priority. Our team of Allied Health professionals collaborates to address every aspect of your health, ensuring a holistic and comprehensive approach to care.
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Aged Care Staffing Solutions

Trust ANDP to provide qualified and compassionate staff for your aged care facility. Our team brings expertise and warmth to enhance the lives of elderly residents.
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Dedicated Disability Staffing

For individuals with unique needs, our specialised support team is ready to foster independence and create a supportive environment. We're not just caregivers; we're advocates for your empowerment.
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Expert Enrolled and Registered Nurse Staff

Whether you need skilled medical care or friendly support, our team of ENs and RNs is here for you. From health assessments to companionship, count on us for comprehensive care.
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Personal Care Workers with a Personal Touch

Our Personal Care Workers aren't just skilled professionals; they're your personal cheerleaders. From daily routines to special moments, we're here to make your day brighter.
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Warm and Welcoming Hospitality Staff

For care facilities and hospitality centers, our staff not only bring professionalism but also a warm and welcoming presence. Elevate your team with our hospitality rockstars.
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Efficient Cleaners for a Hygienic Environment

Keeping space clean and comfy is our mission. Our dedicated cleaning team ensures a hygienic environment, promoting a healthy atmosphere.
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Comprehensive Nutrition Support

Good health starts with good nutrition. Our support goes beyond meals; we're here to help you make delicious and nutritious choices for a vibrant life.
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Promoting Mobility for Independence

We understand the importance of staying active. Our mobility support is designed to keep you moving, promoting independence and a sense of freedom.
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Tailored In-Home Care

Personalised care plans crafted just for you, delivered in the comfort of your home. We're here to make your space the best place for your well-being.
Experience the ANDP difference with our diverse and personalised services.
Let’s make everyday brighter together!

    About Us

    We understand how important it is to keep your independence and live in your own home for as long as possible. ANDP offers quality nursing care in the comfort of your own home to assist you in achieving this lifestyle  Read more
    ABN: 74 654 723 930
    ACN: 654 723 930

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